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The word “education” stems from the Latin educare suggesting a “leading out” or “leading forth”.  How we are educated, what it means to “be educated” and, in fact, the purpose of an education in the first place, has evolved over time to mean different things to different people, and has long been at the center of heated debate in America and elsewhere.

Learning is for Everyone believes true education reform should embrace any method that a learner values, needs or from which he or she benefits.  Real educational choice should include  free-range choice in learning across public, private, home education or any combination or variation thereof.  Today, these choices include everything from standard public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, a variety of private schools, dual enrollment, part time enrollment, and home based educational choices like homeschooling and online learning options.  Explore our Learning Guide to see all the ways there are to live a Curiosity Driven Life!

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