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ROBOCON Tampa Bay 2013 Ready to Roll!

We’re very excited about ROBOCON Tampa Bay 2013, our FIRST youth robotics extravaganza that we’re hosting this weekend, at the Bob Martinez Sports Center at the University of Tampa. With support from Hillsborough County through an Economic Development Innovation Initiative grant, additional sponsorship from DEX Imaging, the Florida High Tech Corridor, Technova, the Florida West Coast [...]

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The Story of Education in 2013: Smart Tech, Standards and Disruptive Change

Earlier this month, MindShift predicted the top three education stories we’ll be hearing about in 2013: 1) Smart use of Tech -  ”Bulky desktop models will continue to give way to mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and even cell phones,” says MindShift, “and more schools will be experimenting with “BYOD”—telling students to “bring your own devices” [...]

Measuring What Really Counts in Education

The College Board reports this week that SAT scores fell dramatically, ” to the lowest level in four decades on the college-entrance test” with only 43% of test takers demonstrating SAT-style college readiness. “College Board officials and other experts noted that the declining scores could have much to do with the testing pool, which is growing and [...]

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Out of the Classroom and into the Street with Cognitive Science Safaris

More Curiosity Driven Learning in the news! Today the Wall Street Journal reported on Professor Tom Stafford, of the University of Sheffield in the U.K., who takes his psychology students out of the classroom and into the streets to see living examples of the principles he’s trying to teach. In his most recent ”cognitive science safari” , [...]

A Successful Career Without Credentials

Science reports today on John “Jack” R. Horner, Regents Professor of Paleontology at Montana State University and the curator of paleontology at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, one of the foremost paleontologists of fields of dinosaur growth and behavior. An author, and the recipient of several honorary doctorates, Horner never completed college to earn an “official” degree of any kind. “I went to [...]