LI4E & Urban Conga Bring Crowdsourced Creativity to The Deconstruction

Learning is for Everyone (LI4E) , and Urban Conga are teaming up as the Crowdsourced Creatives to bring an interactive experience to as many people as possible for a new interactive build called, the Deconstruction .  Holding our build in conjunction with the University of South Florida Engineering Expo, Learning is for Everyone will be giving Expo guests a fun opportunity to literally deconstruct things during the Expo operating hours, and in the evenings, Urban Conga will reassemble those parts into a re-designed new whole

We have no idea what the end result will be, but Urban Conga, who will be a Maker at our upcoming Tampa Bay Mini Maker Faire, has a reputation for creative incredibleness so we know it will be wonderful! Urban Conga is working to start The Conga Line, collaborating with artists and designers alike who are looking to implement eclectic and innovative ideas all over the world. Urban Conga seeks to inject care into local communities by accentuating and enhancing the beauty of the current urban conditions, and turning unused and overlooked urban spaces into interactive places to live, learn and love our city.

Learning is for Everyone is no slouch in the creative process either. LI4E creates engaging experiential learning opportunities in the sciences and arts for people of all ages, with the goal of inspiring a culture changing, lifelong love of learning that will help people live intentionally, meaningfully, productively and successfully in the 21st century. Projects include community STEM Education programs, Tampa Bay Mini Maker Faire, TEDxYouth@TampaBay and LI4E Makerspace Project. An LI4E Makerspace Project team competed as a finalist in last summer’s Red Bull Creation, as the little Red Bull Team that Could. And we did! 

Together, we’re bringing a passion for crowdsourced creativity to the Deconstruction, and to Tampa Bay.  Follow along at our Deconstruction Site for the next couple of days, and join in the fun, and learning!

You can also follow other teams journeys there, and on the Instructables Deconstruction page, on Twitter (#Decon2013) and on Facebook, ours and theirs.