Hope, Promise & Lessons Learned on September 11, 2011


Voices from TakePart on Vimeo.

Beat terrorism by refusing to be terrorized: “…terrorism alone cannot do anything to the Constitution. Only Americans can damage the Constitution.”

...September 11th reminds us of the horror we human beings can unleash on ourselves when we allow our human intelligence and powerful technology to be overtaken by hatred. We need to learn from our painful memories of September 11th and become more aware of the destructive consequences that arise when we give in to feelings of hatred. This tragedy in particular has reinforced my belief that fostering a spirit of peaceful co-existence and mutual understanding among the world’s peoples and faith traditions is an urgent matter of importance to us all. We must therefore make every effort to ensure that our various faith traditions contribute to build a more caring, peaceful world. 

- The Dalai Lama, September 9, 2011